Herman Schultz: Early Jewish Pioneer Businessman of Victoria, BC

Herman Schultz

Values Codes: I-E-L


Herman Schultz was born 1831 in Bernbaome, Prussia.

Herman Schultz  became a cobbler by trade.


Along the way . . . .

His experiences during the California gold rush prepared him for the Fraser River gold rush when he arrived in 1858.

Herman Schultz was a licensed trader, not a gold prospector, at Lytton, in 1859.

By 1860, he had opened a store there.

March of 1861, he amalgamated with another trader and Shultz & Trickey formed a lasting partnership.

They went into mining and organized: “one of the best-known early freight carrying firms operating pack trains in B.C. “

Schultz & Trickey were amongst the first businesses at Quesnel Forks by 1862.



The partners settled in Victoria in 1863, where they owned a substantial brick building with tenements on Government Street.

At this address, they opened a Boot and Shoe Store.

Newspaper Adv. for Shultz' Shoe Store,

Newspaper Adv. for Shultz’ Shoe Store,


Herman Schultz married the daughter of Judah P. Davies, nineteen year old Elizabeth Davies,  in 1863.

Their marriage was the first one performed in Congregation Emanu-El’s new synagogue.

Their son, Samuel Davies Schultz was born in 1865, and became an important judge in British Columbia.


Elizabeth Schultz died in 1866; the first woman to be buried in Victoria’s Jewish cemetery.


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