Early Jewish Pioneers of Ardmore, Ada, and Lehigh in South Central, Oklahoma

Early Jewish Settlers in Towns of South Central, Oklahoma


Ardmore was the first Jewish Community in state – formally organized in 1890.

Admore Centennial Seal

Admore Centennial Seal

Temple Emeth functioned between 1907 and 2004.

Sam Daube was born in Germany in 1859 in Germany.

He came to the United States in 1877, first working in New York City and then Texas.

Sam Daube  arrived in Ardmore, Oklahoma in 1885.

He opened the Westheimer & Daube Store with his brother, David Daube and Max Westheimer.

They also successfully raised white-faced Hereford cattle on thousands of acres of they owned.

Daube was a cotton broker, pre-1907.

Jake Bodovitz was  another early Jewish settler in Ardmore.



The Katz family had department store.

Henrietta Katz married Ben Levine of the Dixie Store.

Ada was the tribal headquarters of the Chickasaw Nation.



Ben Byer’s had a store



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