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Northern California

Additional Material on California’s Jewish Governor, Washington Bartlett; 23/3

Baby’s Grave: Lone Reminder of the Brownstein Family in Northern California; Muriel Weissberg; 23/1

Bernard Marks: Retailer, Miner, Educator and Land Developer; Irena Penzik Narell; 8/1

Blue Laws Debate: A Sacramento Shopkeeper’s Story; Joseph B. Marks and Sanders, Lisa J. Sanders; 25/3

California Forty-Niner with an Unlikely Name; 21/3

California’s Gold Country: Jewish-Named Towns Live On; Rosaline Levenson; 26/4

California’s Jewish Governor; Norton B. Stern; 5/4

Call of the Gold Rush; William M. Kramer; 42/2-3

Camp Saratoga Councilors-in-Training; 1964 Photograph; Linda Shuster Mazur; 45/2

Case of Manslaughter at Humbug, California; 16/1

Charity at the Gateway to the Mother Lode; Reva Clar; 18/3

Chico Jewish Pioneers: Adaptation to Small Town Life in Northern California; Rosaline Levenson; 17/3

Chico’s Jewish Community in the Twentieth Century; Part 1; Rosaline Levenson; 20/3

Chico’s Jewish Community in the Twentieth Century; Part 2; Rosaline Levenson; 20/4

Coblentz, Lazard; Whiskeyman, Pokerville, California to Portland, Oregon; Jack Sullivan and Victoria Fisch; 45/4

Cohn Mansion, Folsom, California; Wray Barrows; 1/1

Congregation Beth Israel: The Fresno Congregation; Norton B. Stern; 41/4

Conversation at Santa Cruz, California, 1877; 11/2

Crime and Punishment at Eureka, 1853; Norton B. Stern; 20/4

David Lubin: A Remarkable Jew; Gotthard Deutsh; 14/4

David Lubin Picture Story; 8/2

Death and Burial of a Gold Rush Pioneer in 1859; 14/2

Dentist in a Gold Rush Town; Norton B. Stern; 19/2

Early Important Jewish Attorney in California, Solomon Heydenfeldt; William M. Kramer; 23/2

Early Nevada City Jewry: A Picture Story; 16/2

Early Sacramento Jewish Community; Marlene S. Gaines; 3/2

Early Stockton Jewry and Its Cantor-Rabbi Herman Davidson; Part 1; Reva Clar; 5/2, 48/3-4

Early Stockton Jewry and Its Cantor-Rabbi Herman Davidson; Part 2; Reva Clar; 5/3, 48/3-4

Elias Jacob of Visalia; Annie R. Mitchell; 1/4

Faith of California’s Jewish Prisoners, 1922; Folsom Inmate; 14/3

From a Polish Town to Gold Rush California; Moses Brumi; 17/1

Gentile Reproves an Anti-Semitic: Fresno, 1893; 9/4

Gold Country, California; Newspaper Clippings about Jewish Pioneers; 47/3-4

Gold Rush Community in 1873; J. Goldner; 9/3

Gold Rush Jewish Merchants in Shasta County, California; Muriel Weissberg; 22/4

Golden Jews in the Golden State; William M. Kramer; 42/2-3

Green, Kaufman, Haberdasher of San Luis Obispo; Kenneth “Pinky” Green; 45/4

Harry Jacoby of Oroville in 1891; 18/3

Hirshfelds of Kern County: A Picture Story; 15/3

Historical Outline of the Jews of Sacramento in the Nineteenth Century; Bernard M. Kaplan; 23/3

History of the Jews in CA and the Far West As Reflected in the Weekly Gleaner; 1857-1861; Gustav Buchdahl; 42/1

Isadore Meyerowitz: Pioneer Explorer of California; Part 1; Rosaline Levenson; 28/1

Jesse M. Levy of San Jose and the Bay Area; Barbara Klein; 22/4

Jew in Norris’s The Octopus; Robert Forrey; 7/3

Jewish Acculturation in California’s San Joaquin Valley: A Memoir; Reva Clar; 19/1

Jewish Appearances are Costly!, 1880; William M. Kramer 42/2-3

Jewish Cemetery of Grass Valley, California; Pauline Janicot; 20/4

Jewish Cemetery of Nevada City, California; Michael Janicot; 21/1

Jewish Chicken Farmers in Petaluma, California, 1904-1975; Phillip Naftaly; 23/3

Jewish Community of San Jose, California; Stephen D. Kinsey; 7/1

Jewish Community of San Jose, Part 2; Stephen D. Kinsey; 7/2

Jewish Egg Farmers in Petaluma’s Past; William M. Kramer; 42/2-3

Jewish Families of Petaluma, CA; William M. Kramer; 42/2-3

Jewish Participation in California Gold Rush Era Freemasonry; Joseph Friedman; 16/4

Jewish Photographer of the Modoc Indian War; Peter E. Palmquist; 22/4

Jewish Pioneers; Nevada City, CA; Norton B. Stern; 41/4

Jews in the Gold Rush: Thirty-Seven Years of Jewish Shopkeepers and Postmasters in Butte County, California; Rosaline Levenson; 25/3

Jews of Del Norte County, California: The Wolf Morris Family; Part 1; Arnold R. and Patricia L. Pilling; 21/2

Jews of Del Norte County, California: The Wolf Morris Family; Part 2; Arnold R. and Patricia L. Pilling; 21/3

Jews of Santa Cruz: The First Eighty Years, 1854-1934; George J. Fogelson; 14/2

Jews, Honor, and James H. Hardy; Robert J. Chandler; 23/4

Kantorowitz Family Reunion; Reva Clar; 23/2

Karsky of Weaverville; 15/2

Kusels of Oroville, Part 2; Rosaline Levenson; 24/3

Kusels of Oroville: Ninety Years of Community Leadership; Part 1; Rosaline Levenson; 24/2

Lament for Hebrew; 1880s; San Francisco; William M. Kramer; 42/2-3

Lazar E. Blochman of San Francisco, Santa Maria and Berkeley; David F. and Mary R. Hoexter; 13/1

Letters from Folsom; 1874; William M. Kramer; 42/2-3

Letter on Zionism; David Lubin; 5/2

Letter to Henry Ford in 1922; Harry Weinstock; 22/1

Life of Tzedakah, Isador Cohen of Sacramento; Norton B. Stern; 4/1

Majority of the California Supreme Court; Stanley Mosk; 8/2

Message From Fiddletown, 1856; William M. Kramer; 42/2-3

Mourning Observance for Abraham Lincoln by the B’nai B’rith Lodge of Marysville, California; 1/4

My Ancestor, Aaron Cerf, Northern California Jewish Merchant; Dawn Cerf; 25/1

My Father was Born a Jew; Adam W. Adler; 6/4

Newman, Simon and the Town of Newman, California; Edgar M. Kahn; 2/1; 48/3-4

News from Woodland and Oroville, California in 1879; 11/2

Nickelsburg Firm of Colus and Woodland, California in 1880; 17/4

Nineteenth Century Memoir; Helen Newmark; 6/3

Obsequies for Lincoln in Marysville, California; 24/1

Oldest Jewish Cemetery in the West: Stockton, California; David “Bea” Schwartz; 1/2

Orangevale and Porterville, California Jewish Farm Colonies; Norton B. Stern; 10/2

Oroville’s Friesleben Family and the Friesley Falcon; Rosaline Levenson; 22/1

Oroville’s Jewish Cemetery: Enduring Legacy of the Gold Rush; Rosaline Levenson; 23/1

Petaluma Jewry, Continued; William M. Kramer; 42/2-3

Pioneer of Sacramento Jewry; Norton B. Stern; 21/4

Pioneer Jews of Contra Costa; William Tornheim; 16/1

Pioneer Jews of Mariposa County, at the Southern End of the Mother Lode; Norton B. Stern; 48/3-4

Pioneer Merchants of Tulare County, California; Annie R. Mitchell; 2/3

Placerville: A Gold Rush Community in El Dorado County; Reva Clar; 48/3-4

Rabbi Edgar F. Magnin in Stockton, 1914-1915: Rehearsal for Los Angeles; Reva Clar and William M. Kramer; 17/2

Rabbi says “No”; Leonard J. Levy; 5/4

Reporting on the Maryville Hebrew Benevolent Society in 1860; 10/3

Rosenbergs of Healdsburg and Santa Rosa; Gaye LeBaron; 23/3

Sacramento Confirmation, 1897; 15/4

Sacramento Curse; Alan H. Simon; 42/1

Sacramento Glimpse in 1867; 18/2

Sam Hamburg: World’s Foremost Jewish Farmer; Steven R. Goldsmith; 10/4

Samuel Sussman Snow: A Pioneer Finds El Dorado; Reva Clar; 3/1

San Franciscan’s Vacation Trip in 1878; Anonymous; 6/2

Selma Gruenberg Lewis and Selma, California; Norton B. Stern; 18/1

Sephardic B’nai B’rith Leader: David D’Ancona; William M. Kramer; 21/4

The Shafsky Brothers of Fort Bragg; Mendocino County; 9/1 and 48/3-4

Silk Man of San Jose: An Episode in California Economic Development; Norton B. Stern and William M. Kramer; 21/2

Sinai-Wooster Diary; Ernest S. Wooster; 11/1

Sinsheimers of San Luis Obispo; Norton B. Stern and William M. Kramer; 6/1

Southern End of the Mother Lode; Norton B. Stern; 8/3

Theodore Solomons, An Unlikely Mountaineer; Shirley Sargent; 18/3

Tillie Lewis: California’s Agricultural Industrialist; Reva Clar; 16/1

Trouble from a Charitable Gift at Rough and Ready, California; Norton B. Stern; 17/3

Ukiah Murder in 1879;  Norton B. Stern; 18/3

Update to “A Baby’s Grave,” of WSJH: October 1990; Muriel Weissberg; 23/3

Vindication, Protest and Appeal; 1861; A.L. Blumenthal; 42/1

Visalia, California Jewish Cemetery; Annie R. Mitchell; 15/3

Wahrhaftigs of California: A Picture Story; 19/1

Where Jewish Pioneer Merchants Thrived in the CA Gold Fields; Victoria Fisch; 43/1

Whistle-Stop at Stockton for John F. Kennedy; Fannie Sinai Howitt; 13/2

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