Adolph Mack, Jewish Pioneer of the San Joaquin Valley & San Francisco, California

Adolph Mack

Adolph Mack, #WS2069

Adolph Mack,

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Three brothers, Adolph, Solomon, and Julius J, were born in New York in the 1850’s.

They were three of the ten children of Lawrence and Miriam Mack.



In 1875, they came together to California, and settled first in the San  Joaquin Valley.

They soon went their separate ways, then came back together to make their fortunes and contributions to their community.


Adolph Max, a druggistfirst moved to Visalia for five years.

He returned to San Francisco to run the wholesale drug company, J. J. Mack & Co., founded by his brother Julius.



Adolph Mack was a major giver to the San Francisco Jewish Orphan Asylum.

He also trained his to son to giving to Jewish causes.

His two oldest are recorded as making annual donations to the orphanage when they were fifteen and sixteen years old.

The Pacific Jewish Orphans Asylum, San Francisco, #WS2774

The Pacific Jewish Orphans Asylum, San Francisco,


Adolph Mack married Clara Gerstle in 1882


Adolph Mack died in 1948, services were held at the Home of Peace.


For more information on Adolph Mack, see the following issue of Western States Jewish History:

  • The Mack Brothers: Merchants & Philanthropists, San Francisco, Visalia & Port Hueneme, California, by Dr. Norton B. Stern, WSJH, Vol. 41, Issue #2.

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