Max Gruenberg: Longtime Jewish Lawmaker of Alaska

Max Gruenberg

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Max Gruenberg of Alaska


Max Gruenberg was born in 1943 in San Francisco

He attended Stanford University and the Law School of UCLA.

While at UCLA, Max Gruenberg founded the Alaska Law Review.

While a legislative assistant to Senator Ted Stevens he was transfered to Alaska to be a Law Clerk to Alaska Supreme Court Justice Roger Conner.



Max Gruenberg served in the U.S. Navy, 1965-67 as a Lt. (j.g.), where he earned the Vietnam Service Medal with 3 battle stars, while sailing on the U.S.S. Whitfield.

USS Whitfield County LSD during Vietnam War


Max Gruenberg served as a family lawyer for 31 years in Anchorage and Chaired the Alaska Bar Association.

Max Gruenberg served eleven terms in the Alaska House of Representatives, for 29+ years, and holding most major positions.



Max Gruenberg  was a member of the Fairview Lions Club, Alaska Common Ground, and the Veterans of Foreign Wars.



Max’s wife is Kayla Epstein

Sons: Bruce and Daniel.


Max Gruenberg passed away in 2016 in Juneau, Alaska, at the age of 72.



  • Bruce Gruenberg, brother,
  • Raoul Gruenberg,

Note: JMAW usually limits its exhibits to pioneers up to about 1920 in the later settled Western States. However, since Alaska did not become a State until the middle of the 20th Century, we “bent a little” for this special Alaskan Pioneer.