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T, U, V

Example: 23/3 = Vol. 23, No. 3


Thal, Sarah; Early Days: The Story of Sarah Thal, Wife of a Jewish Pioneer Farmer, Nelson County, North Dakota, 1880–1900; North Dakota; edited and completed by Martha Thal; 39/1

Thal, Sarah; The Sarah Thal Quilt: Text and Introduction; North Dakota; 35/3&4

Toback, Erna; I Loved Walking Down Brooklyn Avenue Past Soto Street; Los Angeles; Erna Toback; 43/3&4

Toklas, Alice B.; Alice B. Toklas’ Family: A Merchandising Empire in Puget Sound, Washington, Juneau and Skagway, Alaska; Washington and Alaska; Debbie Freedman and Victoria Fisch; 45/1

Tower, Judith Tova; Judith Tova Tower: Remembrance on the Colorado Prairie, 1930–1991; Colorado; Stuart F. Tower; 31/4

Trieber, Jacob; The First Jewish Federal Judge; Arkansas; 14/1

Trupin, Sophie; Sophie’s Quilt: The North Dakota Jewish Adventure of Sophie Trupin; North Dakota; Andrea Kalinowski; 34/4

Twerski, A. J.; Milwaukee Childhood of Rabbi A. J. Twerski, M.D.: Rebbe & Psychiatrist, Par Excellence; Minnesota; William M. Kramer; 29/3

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Udall, Phillip A.; Phillip A. Udall: Master Machinist: A Picture Story; San Francisco; 16/1

Udall, Phillip A.; Phillip A. Udall: Pioneer Mechanical Engineer, San Francisco, California, 1884–1959; San Francisco; Norton B. Stern; 41/2

Udall, Phillip A.; Phillip A. Udall: Scholar-at-Work, Letter; San Francisco; Norton B. Stern; 41/2

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Vasen, Sarah; Dr. Sarah Vasen: First Jewish Woman Physician of Los Angeles, 1870–1944; Los Angeles; Reva Clar; 14/1, 35/3&4

Vidaver, Henry; American Career of Rabbi Henry Vidaver; San Francisco; Morris B. Margolies; 16/1

Vidaver, Henry; Rabbi Henry Vidaver: Outstanding Patriot and Orator, San Francisco, California; San Francisco; Norton B. Stern; 41/2

Villa, Pancho; Viva Pancho Villa?; Mexico; 12/1

Voorsanger, Jacob; Jacob Voorsanger: From Cantor to Rabbi; San Francisco; Kenneth C. Zwerin and Norton B. Stern; 15/3, 41/2

Voorsanger, Jacob; Jews on the Pacific Coast, 1849–1860; San Francisco; Jacob Voorsanger; 36/2

Voorsanger, Jacob; Russian Jewish Immigration and Rabbi Jacob Voorsanger; San Francisco; Jane Schweitzer; 17/2

Vorspan, Max; Max Vorspan: Scholar and Gentleman, 1916–2002; Los Angeles; William M. Kramer; 35/1

Vorspan, Max; Max Vorspan’s Rabbinate in Pasadena, California, 1947–1952; Los Angeles; Michael Saveral; 44/1

Vorspan, Max; A Tribute to Max Vorspan; Los Angeles; William M. Kramer; 26/4

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