Indexes for Western States Jewish History Journals

Western States Jewish HistoryParent of the Jewish Museum of the American Westhas published four journals a year for 50 years.

Much of the material in the Jewish Museum of the American West comes from our vast library of articles researched over five decades.

While our Museum Exhibits are limited in scope, researchers, family members and genealogists can have access to the complete articles by ordering back issues of Western States Jewish History.

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Western States Jewish History Journal

47 Year Index

Volumes 1 through 47

Volumes 48-50 to be added soon.

There are two different indexes, both starting with Volume 1, Number 1, October, 1968 and continue through Volume 47, Number 3/4, Spring/Summer 2014. They include 175+ separate issues, covering a great deal of Jewish history in the Western United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Pacific Rim.

Index #1 is based on the main person of the listed article.

Index #2 is based on the general location of the listed article and is used when a main person is not listed.

Index #3 is for special Double and Triple Length Special Issues – price is the same – $25.

Always check Index #1 first for Research Purposes.

In a few cases, articles are listed twice, in different issues, in a given index. Through the years, WSJH has reached back into its past to produce special issues. For example: Volume 27, #3, April 1995, was a special issue on California, Earthquakes and Jews. Many earlier articles were selected and updated, where appropriate, by Dr. Kramer.

Volume 28 Numbers 3 & 4 and Volume 29, Number 1 were special issues on the Sephardic Jews of the West. Many of the chapters of these three volumes also came from earlier articles in WSJH, and many were revised or up-dated by Dr. Kramer.

Index #1 Person Index

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A – B        C -D        E – F        G – H        I – J       K        L        M

N – O        P – Q – R        S        T – U – V        W – X – Y – Z

Index #2 Location Index

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Alaska, Arizona & Arkasas


Los Angeles Area A – M

Los Angeles Area N – Z

San Diego Area & Southern California General

San Francisco Area A-M

 San Francisco Area N – Z

Northern California  General

Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho & Illinois

Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana & Nebraska

Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon & South Dakota

Texas, Utah, Washington & Wyoming

Midwest-General, Northwest General, Southwest General, Western States General, United States General

Canada, Mexico & Pacific Rim

Index #3 for Special Double and Triple Length Issues/Books

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