Index #3 – Special Double and Triple Book Size Issues of Western States Jewish History

WSJH Book Size Special Issues

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Boyle Heights: Recollections and Remembrances of the Boyle Heights Community in Los Angeles, 1920s – 1960sedited by Abraham Hoffman; 336 pages w/index; 43/3&4

Bridges Across Boundaries; Selected Articles by Cyril Leonoff from The Scribe: Jewish Historical Society of British Columbia and The Journal of the Jewish Historical Society of Southern Alberta; edited by Abraham Hoffman; 126 pages; 42/4

California, Earthquakes and the Jews; 268 pages with index; 27/3

Commemorating 50 Years of Publication of the American Jewish Archives; 31/2&3

Early Pioneers of Los Angeles: Interviews and Articles with Descendants, by Norton B. Stern; 285 pages w/index; 41/3

A History of Our Early Jewish Pioneers in the American Southwest as Seen Through Newspaper Clippings, 1851 – 1900; compiled by Abraham Hoffman and David W. Epstein; 192 pages; 47/3&4 

Lured North of the 49 th, Jewish Colonial Roots: Victoria, Vancouver Island, Canada, by Sarah H. Tobe; 154 pages w/notes; 46/2&3

Jewish Pioneers of Orange County: The Jewish Community of Orange County, California from the 1850’s – 1970’s; edited by Dalia Taft; 216 pages; 44/3&4

The Journeys of Jewish Discovery of Norton B. Stern, 1966-1967, by Norton B. Stern; 235 pages; 40/3&4

My Shtetle California: Golden Nuggets of the American West, by Rabbi William M. Kramer; 200 pages w/index; 42/2&3

Pioneer Jewish Women of the American West; 240 pages; 35/3&4

Pioneer Jews of British Columbia; 288 pages; 37/3&4

Pioneer Jews & Their Contributions to the Growth of the Smaller Cities and Towns of Early California; edited by David W. Epstein; 232 pages; 48/3&3

Pioneer Jews of Los Angeles in the 19th Century; 312 pages with index; 38/3&4 [Articles are often shortened and only the quantity of footnotes is listed. For research purposes, use the earlier listed versions of the articles in this index.]

Pioneer Jews of “Outlying Areas” Articles and Interviews, by Norton B. Stern; 212 pages w/index; 41/4

Pioneer Jews of San Francisco, Part One, A – L, by Norton B. Stern; 234 pages; 41/1

Pioneer Jews of San Francisco, Part Two, M – Zby Norton B. Stern; 244 pages with index for vols. 1-2 of San Francisco pioneers; 41/2

Sephardic Jews of San Francisco; 302 pages; 28/3

Sephardic Jews of Los Angeles; 202 pages; 28/4

Sephardic Jews of Washington & Oregon, Plus Section on Crypto Jews; 240 pages with index for the 3 Sephardic issues; 29/1

Special Western Jewish Summer Camp Supplement; edited by Abraham Hoffman; 196 pages; 45/2

Walla Walla: Judaism in a Rural Setting, Congregation Beth Israel, by Benjamin Rigberg; introduction by Hillel Cohn; 34/1&2

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