Multi-Generational Jewish Department Stores of the West

Multi-Generational Jewish Department Stores of the West

The end of the 1800’s began the period of the Great, Multi-Generational Jewish Department Stores of the West.

Their era of dominance ended after World War II with the end of family involvement, the advent of the “Discount Stores;” followed by the “Big Box Stores,” specializing in what was originally a single “Department” in a Department Store; and the merger of the area Department Stores into one Giant National Chain, known to us today as Macy’s

Although each Jewish Department Store was unique in its physical nature, by gathering together their histories, we see that each was based on many of the same Jewish Values.

The Jewish Department Stores in this Exhibition are actually located in the Exhibition Halls of their respective states, but brought together here by the magic of 21st Century electronics.

Curator’s Note: We would like to you send us your memories or additional information such as:

  1. Did you work or shop in any of these stores? – and your memories.
  2. Any other personal information about the families: Civic  involvement, Jewish community involvement, Fraternal organizations, philanthropy.

We will add visitor’s comments to each Department Store’s Exhibit.

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Multi-Generational Jewish Department Stores of the West

Neiman-Marcus of Dallas, Texas

Hamburger’s Department Store of Los Angeles, California

Gump’s of San Francisco, California

Meier & Frank of Portland, Oregon

Auerbach’s of Salt Lake City, Utah

Goldwater’s of Phoenix, Arizona

May Co. of St. Louis, Missouri