Sinai Temple of Los Angeles began in 1906

Sinai Temple: Los Angeles’s First Conservative Synagogue

The First LA Sinai Temple (today)

The first Sinai Temple

Sinai Temple was chartered in 1906.

The first building, which is still in use today as a gathering place, was built on the corner of 12th and Valencia, close to the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Stained-glass windows still preserved in first Sinai Temple





The current tenants have carefully preserved the original windows, pews, and Jewish “decorations.”




The Second Building

The second Sinai Temple on New Hampshire Ave.

In 1925, the rapidly growing congregation built its second building in the Wilshire District, where most of its members then resided.

At the corner of 4th Street and New Hampshire, the new structure of Sinai Temple soared.

As with the first location, the Protestant church now using the building has preserved much of the “Jewish” components of the architecture.

The third Sinai Temple, currently on Wilshire Boulevard

Today’s Site

Today’s Sinai Temple is on Wilshire Boulevard and Beverly Glen.

Development started in 1956, and the building was consecrated, in 1960.

Additional buildings were completed in 1969 and 1998.