California’s Central Valley Exhibition Hall

 California’s San Joaquin Valley Plus Inyo County


California Central Valley Orange Label
California Central Valley Orange Label

California Central Valley & Inyo CountyBakersfield

David Hirshfeld, Pioneer Merchant of Bakersfield California: An 1891 Description

The Hochheimer Family: Grainery and Mechantile Stores in the Bakersfield Area

Henry Jastro: Early Pioneer and Civic Leader of Bakersfield

Solomon Jewett: Early Pioneer and Civic Citizen of Bakersfield

Alphonse & Henrietta Weill: Community Leaders of Bakersfield, California

Other Early Interconnected Pioneer Jews of Kern County, California


Frank & Alfred Berman, Pioneer Merchants of Coalinga, California

Louis Einstein, Pioneer Merchant & Banker of Fresno: An 1891 Description

Adolph Gartenlaub, Jewish Pioneer “Dean of Raisin Row” in Fresno, California

Leopold Gundelfinger: Jewish Pioneer Merchant & Banker: An 1891 Description

Louis Gundelfinger, Pioneer Merchant of Fresno, California: An 1891 Description

Bernhard Marks: Jewish Founder of the Fresno Colony for Growing Raisins

N. Rosenthal, Pioneer Merchant of Madera: An 1891 Description Newman

Simon Newman, and Newman, California in the Central Valley

Bernard Weil, Pioneer Jewish Merchant of Modesto, California


Louis Cole, Pioneer Merchant of Hanford, California: An 1891 Description

Edward Erlanger: Pioneer Merchant/Hotel Owner, Lemoore: An 1891 Description

Solomon L. Mack, Jewish Pioneer of the San Joaquin Valley & San Francisco, California

Emil Seligman, Pioneer Merchant of Visalia and Traver: An 1891 Description

Isaac Goldstein, Jewish Pioneer Merchant & Rancher of Tulare County, California

Elias Jacobs: Leading Pioneer Merchant & Farmer of Visalia, California

Julius J. Mack, Jewish Pioneer of the San Joanquin Valley & San Francisco, California

Jacob (Jim) Manasse, Jewish Pioneer Merchant and Postmaster of Hanford, California

Levi & Hyman Mitchell, Pioneer Merchants of Tulare County, California

Solomon Sweet, Jewish Pioneer Merchant of Visalia, California

Nathan Weisbaum, Pioneer Businessman and Wells Fargo Agent of Hanford, California

Inyo County

Louis Joseph; Pioneer Jewish Businessman of Big Pine and Independence in Inyo County, California

Henry Levy, Pioneer Jewish Hotelier of Independence in Inyo County, California


Moses and Moses & Lena Levinsky Bruml: Early Pioneer Jewish Merchants in the Gold Country and Central Valley of California

 Central Valley California
Central Valley California

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