Earle N. Genzberger: Civic Leader of Butte, Montana

Earle N. Genzberger

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Earle Genzberger was born in Helena, Montana, in 1891.

Earle Genzberger  earned his law degree from the University of Michigan.


Butte, Montana

In 1912, Earle Genzberger began working as an attorney in Butte.


Genzberger served as Treasurer of Krao Mines, Ltd. and Vice-President of the Greater Butte Mines Corporation.



Earle Genzberger  served in the 316th Field Artillery in World War I.

316th Field Artillery, WWI

316th Field Artillery, WWI

From 1915-1930, he served as Commander of the American Legion.

He was President of the Vigilante Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

Earle Genzberger  served as District Governor of the Kiwanis International in 1925.



Earle Genzberger was a 33rd degree Mason in the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite.  He served as Supreme Chancellor from 1950-1952.

He was also Grand Chancellor of the Knights of Phythias from 1932-1933.



Earle Genzberger married Anna (d.1925).

Later, he married Karen Knight (1892-1987).


Earle Genzberger died in 1971.

Anna Genzberger died in 1925.

Karen Genzberger died in 1987




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