Adolph H. Heilbronner: Jewish Pioneer Railroad Agent of Butte, Montana

Adolph H. Heilbronner

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Adolph H. Heilbronner was born in 1880, in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Butte, Montana

In 1882, Heilbronner’s family moved to Butte, Montana, where his father worked for a mercantile firm.

In 1899, Adolph Heilbronner began working for the Electric Railway Company.

Heilbronner was the agent for the Salt Lake Route, until 1918.

He also invested in real estate and created advertising campaigns.



Adolph Heilbronner supported the building of Columbia Gardens, a Butte Public Park.

Columbia Gardens, Butte, Montana, Vintage Postcard

Columbia Gardens, Butte, Montana, vintage postcard


Heilbronner married Fay Levenson (1883-1973) in 1907.


Adolph Heilbronner died in 1957.

He is buried at the B’nai Israel Cemetery in Butte, Montana (Block C, Lot 27).

Fay Heilbronner died in 1973.



Samantha Silver is our curator for this Adolph H. Heilbronner exhibit.