Joseph Hirshberg: Early Jewish Pioneer Merchant & Cattle Dealer of Helena Montana

Joseph Hirshberg

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Joseph Hirshberg was born in 1847, in Posen, a province of Poland recently taken over by Prussia.

In 1863, Hirshberg came to New York at the age of 16.


Along the way . . . .

Joseph Hirshberg headed West to California, where he began his career as a clerk for a dry goods store.

Hirshberg next became a traveling peddler.

In 1864, he headed to Salt Lake City, Utah with his merchandise.

There, he and his friend opened a store in Smithfield, Utah.

Hirshberg soon sold this store and moved on to Lincoln Gulch, Montana, where he opened a new store with Louis Caro.

That store was sold when Hirshberg opened his next store in Cedar Creek, Montana.


Helena, Montana

In 1874, Joseph Hirshberg moved to Helena and opened his fourth store.

From 1875 to 1878, Hirshberg worked in the mercantile and cattle businesses.

Montana Cattle Pen


Hirshberg married Eva Davis (1857-1907) in 1878.


Joseph Hirshberg died in 1926.

He is buried in the Home of Peace Cemetery in Helena, Montana.

Eva Davis died in 1907.


Samantha Silver is curator for this Joseph Hirshberg exhibit.