Ben Ezekiel: Early Jewish Pioneer and Civic Servant of Montana

Ben Ezekiel

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Ben Ezekiel was born in 1827, in Tiverton, Devonshire, England.

In 1841, Ben Ezekiel came to the United States at the age of 14.


The Montana Gold Rush

In 1863, Ben Ezekiel settled in Alder Gulch, Montana as a miner at the source of the major Gold Rush area.

There, he became a vigilante, helping to protect the miners’ gold from stagecoach robbers and other bandits.

Ezekiel helped hang Sheriff Henry Plummer and his gang.



In 1865, Ezekiel became the Commissioner of Madison County.

Madison County MT on Map

In 1873 and 1874, he served on the Montana Legislature.

Ezekiel served as Chief Clerk of the Territorial House of Representatives for multiple terms, and was also a Deputy Sheriff.


Ben Ezekiel died in 1885.

He is buried in the Home of Peace Cemetery in Helena, Montana.



Samantha Silver is curator for this Ben Ezekiel exhibit.