The Alweis Family and Jasons Men’s Store of Billings, Montana

The Alweis Family

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Jessie Nachman was born in 1882 in London, England.

She worked in her father’s tailor shop, where she distinguished herself as a talented seamstress.

In the early 1900s, Jessie Nachman and her sisters journeyed to America, where they joined the Kenoffel family in Butte, Montana.

Joe Alweis, born in Austria, came to the United States and peddled his way across country with a pack on his back until he arrived in Montana.



In Montana, Joe Alweis met and married Jessie Nachman and a family history of clothing merchandising began.

Together they had 3 sons: Norman, Lester, and Paul.

Lester and Paul Alweis grew up and eventually graduated from the Wharton School of Business.

Jessie and Joe Alweis opened a store in Stevenson, Montana.

Then, in 1912, the Alweis family opened a department store called The Hub in Lewistown, Montana.

The store’s name later changed to J. Alweis & Sons (or Jasons).

Jasons logo

The Alweis family then opened a store in Glasgow, Montana.

This store was run by Norman and Lester.

The Glasgow location was a temporary store opened during the construction of Fort Peck Dam.

The winter slogan was: “Les & Norm will dress you warm.” 

In the summer it was: “Norm and Les will dress you best.”

Jasons in Billings has been family owned since the 1930’s, and was originally operated by Norm and Paul.

Jasons of Billings, MT Today

Jasons of Billings, MT Today

In 1990, Lester’s grandson, Sheldon Alweis, became the manager.

Inside Jasons of Billings, MT, today

Inside Jasons of Billings, MT, today


Jessie Nachman and Joe Alweis had three sons: Norman (1911-2001), Lester (1912-1999), and Paul (1913-1965).


In 1935, Norman Alweis married Shirley Gruenberg.

They managed the Jasons store in Billings.

Later, they moved to Dallas, where they opened another store.


In 1937, Lester Alweis married Rosella Miller (1913-1994).

They managed Jasons in Billings after Norman and Shirley moved to Dallas.


Sheldon Alweis became the fourth generation in the operation in 1990 as Manager of Jasons.



The Alweis family was active in Temple Beth Aaron.



Samantha Silver is our curator for this Alweis/Jasons exhibit.