A. A. Sheurman: Jewish Pioneer Newspaperman & Theater Advertiser of Butte, Montana

A. A. Sheurman

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A. A. Sheurman was born in 1886, in The Dalles, Oregon.

He was newspaperman, educated in California and Oregon.


Butte, Montana

In 1909, A. A. Sheurman became a theater advertiser in Butte, Montana.

He was a part owner of the Hippodrome Company.

Antique Map of Butte, Montana, #WS5438

Antique Map of Butte, Montana, #WS5438


Sheurman  belonged to the Butte Advertising Club.



Sheurman was active in the local Elks Lodge.



Sheurman served as President of the Baron de Hirsch Lodge #420 of B’nai B’rith.



Samantha Silver is our curator for this A. A. Sheurman exhibit.