Montana Exhibition Hall


Montana Exhibition Hall

Montana Centennial Stamp

Montana Centennial Stamp

When Montana had its Gold Rush in the 1860’s, Jews came to the territory.

They were immigrants from Prussia, Bavaria, and Austria, and from recently Prussian annexed Polish areas.

Most settled in Helena, where they organized the United Hebrew Benevolent Society in 1866.

These early Jewish Pioneers were important to the area, owning 17 of Helena’s 20 dry goods stores by the following year.

By 1877, 20% of Helena’s Board of Trade was Jewish.

Henry Jonasof Butte, became a citizen in 1889, the first Jew to become a citizen after Montana attained statehood (Nov. 8, 1889).

Marcus Lissner, who owned the International Hotel,  served six terms on the Helena City Council.

Though never large in number, these Jewish Pioneers had a major impact on the development of Montana.


— Billings —

 The Alweis Family and Jasons Men’s Store of Billings, Montana

Sam Fefferman: Jewish Dealer in Hides & Furs of Billings, Montana

Max Friedwald: Jewish “Scholar” & Saloon Keeper of Billings, Montana

Louis Harron: Namesake of Temple Beth Aaron & Beth Aaron Cemetery in Billings, Montana

The Lipsker Family: Successful Merchants of Billings, Montana

Sam Vinner: Jewish Jeweler of Billings, Montana

Alfred Wagner: Jewish Merchant of Billings, Montana

— Butte —

The Pioneer Jewish Organizations of Butte, Montana

Henry Lublin Frank: Pioneer Multi-Millionaire and the Second Elected Mayor of Butte, Montana

William Gallick: Jewish Pioneer Wholesale Liquor Distributor of Butte, Montana

Earle N. Genzberger: Civic Leader of Butte, Montana

David Goldberg/Granger: Jewish Pioneer Jeweler and Broker of Butte, Montana

Adolph H. Heilbronner: Jewish Pioneer Railroad Agent of Butte, Montana

Isaac A. Heilbronner: Second Generation Merchandiser & Miner of Butte, Montana

Henry Jacobs: the First Elected Mayor of Butte, Montana, 1879-1880

Jacob Schiffman: Jewish Pioneer with a Sweet Tooth of Butte, Montana

A. A. Sheurman: Jewish Pioneer Newspaperman & Theater Advertiser of Butte, Montana

Isador Strasburger: Jewish Pioneer Merchant of Butte, Montana

Gustav Weinstock: Successful Jewish Merchant of Butte, Montana

— Helena —

Charter Members of the United Hebrew Benevolent Society of Helena, Montana, 1866

Samuel Cohen: Early Jewish Pioneer and Merchant of Montana

Ben Ezekiel: Early Jewish Pioneer and Civic Servant of Montana

Herman Fligelman: Early Jewish Department Store Owner of Helena, Montana

Dr. Louis Fligman: Jewish Pioneer and Doctor of Helena, Montana

Joseph Gans: Jewish Pioneer Merchant and Rancher of Helena, Montana

Sol Hepner: Early Jewish Lawyer & Civic Leader of Helena, Montana

Lewis Hershfield: Early Jewish Pioneer Merchant & Banker of Helena, Montana

Joseph Hirshberg: Early Jewish Pioneer Merchant & Cattle Dealer of Helena Montana

Louis Kaufman: Early Jewish Pioneer Meat Packer of Helena Montana

Marcus Lissner: Early Jewish Pioneer Water Merchant and Hotel Owner of Helena, Montana

Henry Loble and Two More Generations of Lobles: Jewish Pioneer Family of Helena, Montana

Moses & David Morris: Early Jewish Pioneers and Civic Leaders of Helena, Montana

Samuel Schwab &  Edward Zimmerman: Early Jewish Pioneer Hotel Partners of Helena Montana

Morris Silverman: Early Jewish Community Leader of Helena Montana

Max Sklower: Early Jewish Pioneer Baker & Hotel Owner/Builder of Helena, Montana

Joseph Soss: Jewish Contractor & Inventor of Helena & Butte, Montana

Montana Post Card

Greetings from Montana, vintage postcard