Morris Silverman, Early Jewish Community Leader of Helena, Montana

Morris Silverman

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Morris Silverman was born on the border of Russia and Poland, in 1841.

Morris Silverman  came to the United States, New York, in 1967.


Along the way . . .

In St. Louis, Missouri, Morris Silverman  and his two brothers traveled via wagon train to Fort Benton, Montana.

He left his wife and children in St. Louis, but sent for them after he was settled.


Helena, Montana

Morris Silverman and his brothers started a dairy farm, but business wasn’t good enough to support all the Silvermans.

Morris Silverman moved with his immediate family to Helena, where he owned and operated a dry goods store that catered to miners.

He was known for keeping kept a large supply of candy for children who visited his store.

Main Street Helena Montana before autos, Vintage Postcard


Morris Silverman was President of the United Hebrew Benevolent Association until he became too old to serve.

Then, he was named Honorary President.


Morris Silverman also led services when Congregation Emanu-El was without an official Rabbi.

He led services, taught Hebrew, performed circumcisions, was a shohet and officiated at Jewish weddings.

Morris Silverman’s best friend in Helena was Reverend Father Lawrence Palladino, a leader in the Catholic church.


Morris Silverman died in 1931.

He is buried in the Home of Peace Cemetery in Helena, Montana.




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