Isaac A. Heilbronner: Second Generation Merchandiser & Miner of Butte, Montana

Isaac A. Heilbronner

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Isaac Heilbronner was born in 1875 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

His parents were Henry and Hanrietta Heilbronner, later of Butte, Montana.


Butte, Montana

Isaac Heilbronner left school to start his business career as a cash boy at the Bronner Mercantile Company of Butte.

He eventually moved up to salesman.

In 1891, he took a salesman job at Louis D. Cohn’s Wholesale Cigar Firm.

In 1898, Heilbronner entered into a partnership with E. C. Kulli.

In 1906, he left sales and became a mining investor, establishing the National Mining and Investment Company.

Butte Mines, vintage postcard


Isaac Heilbronner held memberships in the Butte Country Club and the Silver Bow Club.



In 1900, Heilbronner  married Rose Hall (daughter of the Alice Mining Company’s manager).

They had one son: Walter Lewis Heilbronner.


Isaac Heilbronner died in 1925.

He is buried in the B’nai Israel Cemetery.



Samantha Silver is our curator for this Isaac A. Heilbronner exhibit.