David Goldberg/Granger: Jewish Pioneer Jeweler and Broker of Butte, Montana

David Goldberg/Granger

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David Goldberg/Granger was born in Russia in 1863.


Along the way . . . 

In 1879, David Goldberg came to America, joining his uncle in Cleveland, Ohio, in the family’s jewelry business.


Butte, Montana

In 1884, Goldberg arrived in Butte, Montana.

He opened a pawn shop and jewelry store.

In 1890, Goldberg left the jewelry business and ventured into ticket brokering.

He was successful and then began investing in real estate.

Eventually, the family moved back East to New York.



David Goldberg was a Charter Member of the B’nai B’rith’s Baron de Hirsch Lodge #420.



Around 1890, Goldberg married Minnie Neuberger.

They changed their surname to Granger

The Granger/Goldbergs had 2 children: Jeffrey (b.1891) and Myron (b.1894).



Samantha Silver is our curator for this David Goldberg/Granger exhibit.