The Lipsker Family: Successful Merchants of Billings, Montana

The Lipsker Family

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Aaron Lipsker was born circa 1889, in Romania.



Aaron Lipsker was the first in his family to arrive in Billings, Montana.

He opened a small clothing store.

Hyme Lipsker, born 1888, joined his brother in the business.

When Aaron died suddenly, Hyme Lipsker built up the store selling both men’s and ladies’ wear.

The name was changed to The Popular Storelocated on the corner of Montana and 27th Streets.

Hyme Lipsker invested his profits in real estate.

He purchased the Babcock Building, a quarter city block in size — one of the main buildings of Billings’ downtown.

It had a 750 seat theater, 14 second floor apartments, and first floor retail spaces.

The Babcock Building (right) in Billings, Montana, Vintage Postcard

The Babcock Building (right) in Billings, Montana,
vintage postcard

By the 1930’s, Hyme Lipsker was among the most wealthy men in Billings.



Frieda Fefferman Lipsker was highly supportive of Temple Beth Aaron.

She was feted by the congregation in 1960 for her contributions.



Hyme Lipsker married Frieda Fefferman in 1908.

They had 3 children: Morris, Aaron and Ruth.

The Lipskers would often vacation in Florida and Europe.


Hyme Lipsker died in 1950.

Frieda Fefferman Lipsker died in 1965.

They are buried in Beth Aaron cemetery, in Billings.



Samantha Silver is our curator for this Lipsker Family exhibit.