Sam Vinner: Jewish Jeweler of Billings, Montana

Sam Vinner

Values Codes I – E – L 


Sam Vinner was born in a town on the Russia-Manchuria border in 1886.

His wealthy family of tanners sent him to be educated in London, England.


Along the way . . .

After completing a jewelers apprenticeship, Sam Vinner traveled to the United States.

He journeyed West to California, arriving just after the 1906 Earthquake-Fire, at the age of 20.


Billings, Montana

Vinner decided to settle in Billings, where he joined a jewelry business as a fine jewelry maker and designer.



In 1916, Sam Vinner married Blanche Wolf.

They had one son: Jack Vinner.


Blanche Vinner became an American citizen in 1956, just before she died of multiple sclerosis.

In 1958, Sam married Sophie Blinston, his late wife’s caregiver.


Sam Vinner died in 1970.

He is buried next to Blanche in the Beth Aaron Cemetery.



Samantha Silver is curator for this Sam Vinner exhibit.