Henry Loble and Two More Generations Lobles: Jewish Pioneer Family of Helena, Montana

Henry Loble, Lester Henry Loble, and Henry Loble (II)


Henry Loble

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Henry Loble was born in 1860.

He was a partner in the New York Store with Louis Fligelman, in Helena, Montana.

Eventually, he became President, a position he held until his death.



In 1891, Henry Loble married Hattie Marks (b.1871) at Congregation Emanu-El in Helena.

They had one son, Lester Henry Loble, and one daughter, Lenore Loble Aloe.

Henry Loble died in 1913.


Lester Henry Loble

Values Codes  I – E -L

Lester Henry Loble was born in Helena, Montana in 1893, to Henry and Hattie Loble.

He was educated in Helena as a youth.

He then attended the Cascadilla School and NYU Law School in New York.

He passed the Montana Bar in 1914.



Lester Henry Loble held the following offices: Alderman, State Legislator, City and County Attorney, State Chair of the Democratic Party, and Judge.

He was also the President of the Helena Chamber of Commerce.



Lester Henry Loble was a member of the Masons and the Odd Fellows.



Lester Henry Loble married Charlotte Sillers.

They had one son, Henry Loble (II), born in 1917.


Lester Henry Loble died in 1974 and is buried in the Home of Peace Cemetery in Helena.


Henry Loble (II)

Henry Loble (II) was born in 1917.

He attended law school at Stanford University and became a partner in his father’s Helena law firm.



Henry Loble (II) also became a District Judge in Lewis & Clark and Broadwater Counties (1983-1989) and a State Legislator.



Samantha Silver is curator for this Loble Family exhibit.