Sam Fefferman, Jewish Dealer in Hides & Furs of Billings, Montana

Sam Fefferman

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Sam Fefferman was born in 1885, in Poduloesky, Russia.


Along the way . . . .

In 1897, at 12 years of age, Sam Fefferman came to America, settling in Minneapolis, Minnesota with his widowed mother and two brothers.

He worked as a peddler by day and studied English at night.

In 1901, Sam Fefferman went to work for Gordon & Ferguson as a furrier.

Gordon & Ferguson Vintage Fur Coat


Billings, Montana

In 1902, Sam Fefferman moved to Billings, Montana.

Fefferman’s store was located at 25th and Minnesota Ave.

There he dealt in hides, furs, wool, and metal, buying and re-selling in a business route that ranged over 800 miles from his Billings base.



Sam Fefferman was a Charter Member of Billing’s B’nai Brith Lodge in 1917



Sam Fefferman married Annie Samuel

His two brothers eventually came to Billings and each married a sister of Annie.

Their daughter, Frieda, married Hyme Lipsker.




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