Lehman Weil: Jewish Merchant of Mokelumne Hill, California

Lehman Weil

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Lehman Weil (Levi) was born in Bavaria in 1827.

He journeyed to America in 1858.


Mokelumne Hill

Weil settled in Mokelumne Hill, California, in 1860.

Mokelume Hill CA, Old Postcard

Mokelume Hill, CA, vintage postcard

When he arrived in California, Lehman Weil rented one of the Danielewicz brothers’ stores. [Click here for our Danielewicz Brothers exhibit.]

In 1866, Weil purchased the store, where he sold books, cigars and liquor.

The Danielewitz Stores, one was rented, then purchased by Lehman Weil in 1866, Mokelumne Hill CA

The Danielewitz stores, Mokelumne Hill, CA. One was rented, then purchased, by Lehman Weil in 1866.

In 1870, Weil turned the store into a saloon.

After ten years, in 1880, Weil and his family moved to Virginia City, Nevada, where his wife’s family lived.

He joined his wife’s brothers, Abraham, Levi, and Mark Strouse in their butcher business in the mining boom town.

Mark Strouse was also the Chief of Police of Virginia City.

Eventually , Lehman and Sarah Weil retired to San Francisco.

C Street in Virgina City during its hayday, postcard.

C Street in Virginia City, vintage postcard


In 1863, Lehman Weil married Sarah Strause (b. 1834 in Storndorf, Hesse, Germany).

They had six children, all born in Mokelumne Hill: Theresa (b. 1865), Mark (b.1866), Emma (b.1868), Josephine (b.1870), Clara (b.1872), and Lillie (b.1874).


Lehman Weil died in San Francisco in 1901.

Sarah Strouse Weil died in Portland, Oregon in 1910.

They are both buried at the Home of Peace Cemetery in Colma, California.


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Samantha Silver is curator of this Lehman Weil exhibit.