Dr. Lewis Levason: Dentist & Elderly Jewish Pioneer in Nevada City, California

Dr. Lewis Levason

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Dr. Lewis Levason was born in 1794 in England.


Nevada City, California

In 1860, at the age of 66, Dr. Lewis Levason journeyed to the United States and settled in Nevada City, California.

He opened his dental practice on the corner of Pine and Commercial Streets, above Block & Co., which was a mercantile firm.


After forty years practice in all parts of the world
Doctor Levason

By the advice of his friends, intends residing permanently in Nevada City.  He has by him a large assortment of artificial teeth of French, German, English and American make, besides some of the most beautiful manufactured by himself, composed principally of California Quartz!!

Those requiring the dentist, will find the benefit of visiting the doctor, he being a thorough mechanic, they will have the advantage of watching their cases during the construction, and the years of experience in allaying the pain of a toothache by Galvanism, or if necessary, extraction with facility, with all operations of scaling, cleaning, plugging & stotping, will at once prove the advantage the ladies and gentlemen of this and adjoining counties will derive by visiting at his office, upstairs, over Block & Co’s store, corner of Pine and Com. Sts., Nevada City, Cal.  

— The Nevada Democrat, Nevada City, CA, February 1, 1860

In 1864, Dr. Levason retired from his practice and moved to San Francisco, where he was naturalized as an American citizen.

Nevada City, CA, 1910

Nevada City, CA, 1910











In 1867, Dr. Levason lived at 1117 Mason Street, in San Francisco.

At this time, he had opened a new dental practice with a partner, Dr. James W. Winter. Their office was near Kearny Street at 647 Clay Street.

Levason was in charge of the artificial teeth and bridgework, while Winter managed the surgical and operational work.


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