Joseph Gans, Jewish Pioneer Merchant and Rancher of Helena, Montana

Joseph Gans

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Joseph Gans was born in 1838, in Neustadt, Germany.

In 1861, Joseph Gans came to New York at the age 0f 23.


Along the way . . . .

In 1862, Joseph Gans crossed the Isthmus of Panama, visiting various western states – California, Oregon and Idaho.

He and tried out various jobs, including butchery and freighting.


Helena, Montana

In 1866, Joseph Gans moved to Helena, Montana.

He opened a general merchandise store.

He also tried his hand at ranching.  “XIT” was his brand.


In 1876, Joseph Gans entered into a partnership with Henry Klein.

By 1882, their mercantile firm, Gans & Klein Co., was quite successful.

Louis and Herman Gans also worked at Gans & Klein.

Helena, Montana, Vintage Map

Joseph Gans  also raised sheep in Wyoming during this time.



Joseph Gans was a Master of King Solomon Masonic Lodge No. 9. 

He served as its Treasurer 35 times.



In 1876, Joseph Gans married Frederika (Rachael) Kaufman (1847-1928).

Together they had 5 children: Sara (1878-1947) Marvin Lloyd Gans (1881-1947), who took over running Gans & Klein, Carrie M. (1887-1890), David S. (1890-1960) and Mrs. Henry Weigel.


Joseph Gans died in 1917.

He is buried at the Home of Peace Cemetery in Helena.

Frederika Gans died in 1928.




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