Isador Strasburger, Jewish Pioneer Merchant of Butte, Montana

Isador Strasburger

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Isador Strasburger was born in 1838 in Russia.

Isador Strasburger came to America in 1854, at the age of 16.


Along the way . . . .

In 1859, Isador Strasburger worked as a traveling peddler in the mining towns near Denver, Colorado.

In 1863, Strasburger moved to Bannack, Montana.


Soon, he opened the first general merchandise store in the mining boom town of Virginia City, Montana.


In 1883, Strasburger set up shop in Bozeman.


In 1885, he moved on to Butte, Montana.

Park Street, Butte Montana Vintage Postcard, Turn of the Century



In 1867, Isador Strasburger married Rachel Cohen (b.1850).

Together they had 5 children: Nettie, Eva, Herman (b.1871), Edgar J., and Rod E.


The Strasburger’s son, Herman, became the Butte City Treasurer, in 1919.

Their son, Edgar J., became the City Engineer and Commissioner of Public Works.


Isador Strasburger died in 1905.

He is buried in the B’nai Israel Cemetery, plot #64.




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