Texas Exhibition Hall

Texas Exhibition Hall

“The stereotypical Texan stands legs apart, hands on hips, and brashly proclaims that everything is bigger (and, therefore, better) in Texas. Texas abounds in stereotypes—some that celebrate the Lone Star mythology, some that denigrate it. Jews, too, are often perceived stereotypically—in positive ways as being scholarly and studious, and negatively as being weak and miserly. When Jewish identity cross-pollinates with the Texas persona, the weakling becomes strong; the Shylock turns into a generous spender with an unlimited charge account at Neiman-Marcus. Beaumont’s Rabbi Samuel Rosinger, who moved to Texas in 1910, when oil wells were gushing 75,000 gallons of crude a day, noted the change in himself: ‘I caught the contagion of bragging about . . . my great state.’”

– Hollace Ava Weiner, from the Introduction to Lone Stars of David: The Jews of Texas (Brandeis University Press, 2007)

Texas Hebrew Stamp

Stamp of unknown origin and value, pictures the Texas capitol and Hebrew letters spelling “Austin, Texas”



Early Jewish Brownsville, Texas & Matamoros, Mexico – Border Towns, 1876 & 1882


Temple Emanu-El Dedication, Dallas, Texas, 1876

The Jewish Fashion Pioneers of Neiman-Marcus, Dallas, Texas

East Texas

The Goldbergs: Two Generation Jewish Pioneers of Jefferson, Texas

El Paso

Sam Dreben, D.S.C.: “The Fighting Jew”

Rabbi Martin Zielonka: the “Reform Rabbi of the West,” El Paso, Texas

Fort Worth

Beth-El Congregation of Fort Worth, Texas, est. 1902

Central Texas

Herman Lehmann: Jewish “Little Big Man” Apache & Comanche

Calvert, Texas, Jewish Pioneers, 1873 – 1880

A View of Central Texas Jewry, 1875


Rabbi Henry Cohen: Pioneer Rabbi of Galveston and “Chief” Rabbi of Texas

Henry Jacob Labatt: Pioneer Jewish Lawyer During His Texas Years

Isabella Offenbach Maas: Jewish Opera Singer of Early Galveston, Texas

Samuel Maas: Jewish Polyglot Businessman of Early Galveston, Texas


Adolphus Sterne: Early Pioneer and Patriot of Nacogdoches, Texas

San Antonio

Anna Goodman Hertzberg: The Tuesday Musical Club of San Antonio, Texas

Nathan Kallison: Pioneer Jewish Businessman & Rancher of San Antonio, Texas

Perry Kallison: Jewish Community Businessman, Rancher & Radio Personality of San Antonio, Texas

Frances Elaine Rosenthal Kallison: Jewish Community Leader & Rancher of San Antonio, Texas

Temple Beth El of San Antonio, Texas, 1874 to the Present


Sam Sanger: Merchant and Jewish Community Leader of Waco, Texas

Rodef Sholom Congregation: The Early Days of the First Synagogue of Waco, Texas