Order of Masons, Lodge #42, Los Angeles began in 1853

Masons Lodge of Los Angeles #42

Between the founding of Masonic Lodge 42, in 1853 and 1869, there were a number of Jewish Masters and high officials of the Lodge.

Sam Prager

Sam Prager – served on the Masonic Board of Relief.


Rabbi Abraham Edelman

Rabbi Abraham Edelman, first Rabbi of Congregation B’nai B’rith and served for a quarter of a century.

Samuel Meyer, businessman, served as Lodge Treasurer for many years



Isaias W. Hellman, Dry Goods Merchant first, then President of the Farmers & Merchants Bank, and eventually, head of Wells Farge Bank.

Isaias W. Hellman



Harris Newmark

Harris Newmark, Los Angeles prominent pioneer businessman and author of Sixty Years in Southern California.

Early Business of the Lodge

The first business of Masonic Lodge #42 was to aiding those in need.

Money was lent to Brothers in need.

Money  was given to a Mason’s widow.

Aid was given to children of deceased Lodge members.


Many men of the Mason Lodge #42 Los Angeles were the founders of the modern structure of Los Angeles



Masonic Lodge #42 continues on to this day – one of the oldest established fraternal organizations of Los Angeles.


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