A. A. Sheurman, Jewish Pioneer Newspaperman & Theater Advertiser of Butte, Montana

A. A. Sheurman

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A. A. Sheurman was born in 1886, in The Dalles, Oregon.

A. A. Sheurman  was a newspaperman, educated in California and Oregon.


Butte, Montana

In 1909, A. A. Sheurman became a theater advertiser in Butte, Montana.

He was a part owner of the Hippodrome Company.

Antique Map of Butte, Montana, #WS5438

Antique Map of Butte, Montana, #WS5438


A. A. Sheurman  belonged to the Butte Advertising Club.



A. A. Sheurman  was active in the local Elks Lodge.



A. A. Sheurman  served as President of the Baron de Hirsch Lodge #420 of B’nai B’rith.




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