Vista del Mar Began as the Jewish Orphan’s Home – 1906

The Jewish Orphan’s Home of Southern California

The founding of a home in Los Angeles for Jewish orphans started as a project of B’nai B’rith Lodge #487, in 1906.

By 1908, the project was incorporated under the name of The Jewish Orphan’s Home of Southern California.

Jewish Homes for Orphans
Fine Old Residence Secured for Their Abode

Organization Just Formed to Direct Affairs
Seventy-Five Children Will Share in Benefits
     —Los Angeles Times, October 8, 1908, Part II p. 1

American Flag Waves
Jewish Orphans’ Home Dedicated with Impressive
Ceremonies as Step in Good Work

        —Los Angeles Times February 1, 1908

“With impressive ceremonies, the Jewish Orphans’ Home of Southern California was dedicated yesterday afternoon. The building is on Macy Street, and at present has about seventeen inmates. There are accommodations for fifty children.”

B’nai B’rith Lodge and the Orphan’s Home
by Marco R. Newmark

—B’nai B’rith Messenger, January 29. 1909, Los Angeles

“The local lodge of IOBB has generated some splendid ideas but far and away the most splendid that it has ever fathered is the establishment of an orphan asylum for Jewish children in Los Angeles.

“Even at the risk of divulging a lodge secret, I wish to record that the Order of IOBB collectively as well as every one of its members individually, stands pledged and obligated, among other godlike undertakings, to protect and support the orphan.

Unfortunate Fire

Boyle Height’s “Temporary Home” #2 Orphans

Six months later, The Jewish Orphan’s Home was destroyed by fire.

There were no injuries to children or adults.

A temporary Home was found in Boyle Heights.


Harris Newmark stepped up and donated 16 acres in the Montebello/Huntington Park area for a new home along with a $10,000 endowment.

Orphans Playing at Huntington Park #3

The next location was in the city at 137 West Adams at the site of the former Paige Military Academy.

Vista del Mar

The Jewish Orphan’s Home moved West again, this time to a former ranch in West Los Angeles called Vista del Mar.

Original Administration Building Vista del Mar #5

In 1921, a Foster Care program was started.

Vista del Mar became the official name of the organization, in 1923.

More and more services were added as the years went by:

–Care for Asthmatic Children

–Aid for World War II refugee children,

–An Adoption Department and much more.


Orphan Health Cottage “Population” Vista del Mar #5


Today Vista del Mar is known as Vista del Mar Child and Family Services and is located at 3200 Motor Avenue, Los Angeles (310) 836-1223


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Confirmation at Vista del Mar Late 40’s or 50’s #5

Chanukah at Vista Del Mar, 1940’s & 50’s #5