Herman Fligelman, Early Jewish Department Store Owner of Helena, Montana

Herman Fligelman

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Herman Fligelman was born in Romania, in 1860.

He arrived in Boston as a young man and worked various odd jobs while learning English.


Helena, Montana 

In 1883, Herman Fligelman took the first train to Helena, Montana.

He opened The New York Store, a dry goods/general merchandise store with Robert Heller, Henry Loble and George Frankfort.


In 1885, the store’s name changed to Fligelman’s.

In the late 1880s, Lewis Hershfield invested in the store so that Herman Fligelman could travel East to purchase goods.


The store eventually became Fligelman’s Department Store.

Fligelman’s Department Store burned down in 1928, and was rebuild and re-opened in 1929.

Norman Winestine, Herman’s son-in-law, became President of Fligelman’s Department Store in 1931.

Fligelman’s Window Display, Helena, Montana

Fligelman’s Department Store remained in business in Helena until 1959.

Fligelman's Department Store, Helena, Montana, 1929, Vintage Postcard, Note High Ceilings.

Fligelman’s Department Store, Helena, Montana, 1929, Vintage Postcard, Note High Ceilings.


Herman Fligelman often sent money back to Europe to help the Jewish community there.



Herman Fligelman married Minnie Weinzweig (d.1891) around 1888.

They had 2 daughters: Frieda (1890-1978) and Belle (1891-1985).


Belle Fligelman married Norman Winestine (1895-1986) in 1918.

Frieda and Belle worked for women’s suffrage.


After the death of Minnie Fligelman in 1891, Herman Fligelman married Getty Vogelbaum (1870-1949).


Herman Fligelman died in 1932.

Minnie Fligelman died in 1891.

They are buried in the Home of Peace Cemetery in Helena.



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