Max Sklower, Early Jewish Pioneer Baker & Hotel Owner/Builder of Helena, Montana

Max Sklower

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Max Sklower was born in 1842, in Prussia, Germany.

Max Sklower  was a baker by trade.


Helena, Montana

In 1866, Max Sklower came to America and headed West until he settled in Helena, Montana.

In 1889, Max Sklower was naturalized as an American citizen.

Settling in Helena, Max Sklower worked as a pastry chef at the old St. Louis Hotel.

With his boss, Chef V. Charles Rinda, Max Sklower bought the Imperial Restaurant and  the International Hotel in Helena.

Max Sklower  eventually left the International Hotel and bought a billiard hall – the first billiard hall in Helena.

Max Sklower went on to lease the Springs Hotel in White Sulpher Springs.

He also built the Great Northern Hotel in Malta.



Max Sklower was a member of the Odd Fellows, and  Past Master of the Diamond City Masonic Lodge.

He was also a member of the Ancient Order of United Workmen in Montana.



Max Sklower married Bettie Silverman (1862-1951) in 1880.

They had two sons: Josef (1881-1969) and Emanuel (b.1884).


Max Sklower died in 1920 in Helena.

He is buried in the Home of Peace Cemetery.

Bettie Sklower died in 1951.




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